Keep Your Hand Up is focused on encouraging better education for young African American men by rewarding them with a once in a lifetime experience for staying on the right path. Our goal is to make learning top priority as well as a fun and exciting atmosphere for the young men. We do not only want to verbalize the importance of education, we also want to reward the hard working young men that are making great progress in school. Hopefully, this process will help motivate all young black men to hear our message and join the movement.

KYHU views education as the key to effective communication. That is why we decided to use the name “Keep Your Hand Up.” Young African American men have to be redirected to know that they have more options in life other than basketball, football, music, or the street life. Just like it’s okay to keep your hand up at a music concert, it’s also okay to keep your hand up in the classroom. This is the message we are going to relay to young men.

KYHU also focuses on bridging the gap, between African American young men, and police officers. We have organized various positive ways to build trust between police officers and minority young men. Specifically, young teenagers who come from high poverty communities where the communication gap is believed to be the widest.

KYHU’s goal is to transform communities, by allowing young black men to begin to build trust between themselves and law enforcement. Specifically by allowing the young men to get to know the officers for who they are, and not by their uniform. We also focus on officers getting to know young African American men and not judging them by their attire, appearance, and vocalization as well.

African American young men and police officers, can grow to trust each other. (We are already seeing this happen during our mentoring events.) Trust and growth will only come as the officers and young men spend more time with each other in positive ways verses the negative interactions that are consistently shown on the news or television. There should be no judgment. We all are American Citizens.

Everlasting memorable memories can change the face of situations and incidents that are so prevalent in the communities. Great bonds and understanding can sometimes be created with people we would least expect them to be created with, but it takes a village to make this happen! We all have work together to make dream reality. We must trust the process! We are willing to put in the work, 1 cop, 1 young man, at a time. This will hopefully make many memorable moments.

With your support, you’re allowing an African American boy
and a police officer to interact in a rare positive environment.

KYHU believes that

African American young men and police officers, can grow to trust each other. They both just need to spend more time with each other in a positive way. Instead of the negative ways that are consistently shown daily on our television screens.

Everlasting memories can be created with people we least expect, as long as we all are willing to work together, and let the process take place. We just have to put in the work, 1 cop, 1 young man, at a time.